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Prof. Dr. med. Walter Paul Weber

Walter Weber_BreastGlobal Conference 2021 speaker

Walter Weber was born on Dec 01, 1973 in New York, even though he spent most of his life in Switzerland. He studied medicine at the University of Basel, where he continued to work as a resident, attending and currently as chief of the breast surgery service and medical chair of the Department Breast, Abdomen and Pelvis. He spent more than two years in the lab in the field of tumour immunology at his home University and at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. He trained to become a SSO accredited breast surgeon during a breast fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Walter Weber’s clinical research interest focuses on surgical RCTs in the field of surgical site infection and de-escalation of breast cancer surgery. He has been the principal investigator of several international multicenter RCT’s including the published SSI trial (PMID: 28385346 ) and SAKK TachoSil trial (PMID: 29948418), as well as the ongoing OPBC-02/PREPEC (NCT04293146) and OPBC-03/TAXIS trials (PMID: 30514362, NCT03513614). His clinical research further focuses on oncoplastic surgery. He founded the Oncoplastic Breast Consortium ( with the aim of bringing experts together to address controversial topics, offering training opportunities and performing clinical research (PMID: 32758475, PMID: 30182349).

Walter Weber’s translational research interest focuses on multidisciplinary projects in the field of tumour heterogeneity. He co-founded the Basel Breast Consortium ( to build bridges between the laboratories, clinical disciplines and the pharmaceutic industries in the Basel area. He was principal investigator of the systems biology project MetastasiX that aimed to identify the cell subpopulations responsible for tumour progression.